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The trained journalist studied business administration with a conceptual, creative focus in Frankfurt am Main and later applied business psychology in Zurich. However, he started his professional career with a tourism training course on the popular holiday island of Sylt on the North Sea.

Wolf-Thomas Karl has designed numerous products in recent years, accompanied people as part of their further development and taken on public relations work for various companies. He always pursues a personal, mindful and value-based approach with the aim of providing space so that his clients can create visions and solutions to then be able to implement them.

If necessary, he receives support from his partners in projects in the areas of tourism, hospitality, fashion, the automotive industry, consumer goods, interior design and technology. But entrepreneurs themselves and people from public life are also among the clients of Wolf.Communication by Wolf-Thomas Karl.

Wolf-Thomas Karl, MBA's permanent cooperation partners include the state-certified communications specialist Melanie Schacker and the PR expert, author and publicist Prof. Dr. Patrick Peters.

Wolf-Thomas Karl is a member of the Austrian Journalists Club (ÖJC), the Hotel Inside Club Switzerland, the Hospitality, Sales & Marketing Association Germany e.V. (HSMA) and the Society for Applied Business Psychology e.V.. In addition, in 2012 he founded the Green Tourism Camp (with link to the camp website) together with the economist and internationally recognized sustainability expert Brita Moosmann - a bar camp on the topic of sustainability in tourism for the D A CH region. Today, Wolf-Thomas Karl organizes the established event once a year together with his business partner Suzann Heinemann from the Green Sign Institute.

Wolf.Communication by Wolf-Thomas Karl is a company of the family business Agentur Karl & Karl, founded in 1945 (put a link behind Karl & Karl). One Family. One Company. Since 1945.

The company name "Wolf" is not as random as it might initially seem: It is not just the name of the founder - in many cultures the wolf embodies a variety of positive characteristics that are also essential for successful communication. It is a symbol of strength, cohesion, loyalty, insight and adaptability.

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